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Sell My Company in Bloomfield, MI

Sell My Company

Selling your company is a very long and intricate process. You can see your business yourself but it is very time consuming there are several regulations that must be adhered to. An experienced business broker can take care of every aspect of selling your company so you can stay focused on the operations of your business until it’s sold. 

Should I Hire a Broker to Sell My Company

An experienced business broker knows everything about selling a company. They will list your company for sale and make sure that all dealings are done in accordance with regulations. A business broker can evaluate your business’ profits and losses fairly and honestly. They will tell you what needs to be done in order to prepare for the sale. Brokers will make sure that all documents you will need such as financial statements and tax returns are in order for the sale. They can even negotiate on your behalf. A business Broker will strive to get the best price for your business.

Who Should I Hire to Sell My Company?

A business broker who has your best interests in mind is the person to hire. The broker will make sure that you sell your business at a fair price. They will find multiple potential buyers to make offers on your business. A broker that belongs to organizations like The International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) and The Michigan Business Brokers Association (MBBA) is a great choice. These organizations exist to uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct and professionalism. Find a broker that is a Certified Business Intermediary (CBI). In order to obtain this accreditation, brokers undergo Over 60 credit hours of special training as well as meet other requirements.

Can Inix Business Broker Paul Trochakerian Sell My Company in Bloomfield, MI?

Yes, he can! Paul Trochakerian is a top-rated business broker in Bloomfield, MI who possesses a wealth of knowledge in business. He has almost a decade of experience working in key positions with large corporations in the Detroit Metro Area. Paul is a proud member of both the IBBA and the MBBA. He has been accredited earning the title of CBI. Paul is dedicated to helping his clients get the best price for their business. If you are looking to buy or sell a business call (248) 483-0660 today.

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