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How To Sell My Business?

How to Sell My Business

There are a few steps in making the sale of your business go smooth and easy. You must first determine what your business is worth, then consult with your accountant and get all your financial documents in order, because you may be asked for those documents from potential buyers as proof of business sales and profit. You then want to find a broker who will help you sell your business, they will create an executive business summary, they will then put your business on the market and as offers come in they will negotiate the best one. Buyers then get 60 to 120 days to verify all the financial information and confirm your business is worth the price they are paying. Once everyone is in agreement the closing happens and documents are signed and the business is handed over to the new owner. 

Reasons To Sell My Business

Business owners have a variety of reasons they may want to sell their business, which may be because they are exhausted. They may have been in the business for too long and no longer have the passion for it, so they might want to move on to something else. Another reason could be that they have found a new business opportunity with more growth, this can usually be a strong reason to sell. Other minor reasons may be a decline in revenue or partner disputes. If business partners have a disagreement and one wants out, it may be time to sell. Another major reason can be that there has been a negative change in that businesses industry

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If you or someone you know is interested in selling their business in Troy, MI, Ann Arbor, MI, Bloomfield, MI, and the surrounding areas, call (248) 483-0660 today. Paul Trochakerian, a top-rated business broker in Michigan who possesses a wealth of knowledge in business. He has almost a decade of experience working in key positions with large corporations in the Detroit Metro Area and will provide you with the guidance you need. Do not delay, let Inix of Ann Arbor help you sell your business today!

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